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Cruising through Cancun


How I once again survived on a 5 day Cruise.


So my friends and I won this amazing cruise to Cancun. It was a 5 day cruise and we could not stay that long without booze. Booze was like our engine so we had to figure a way to sneak in alcohol in the cruise ship. My friend Layla had a slim figure and our best shot was to make a wine rack in her bra. It was actually very simple. Just padding her bra with alcohol, actually, about 25 ounces of it. But still we were four of us, 25 ounces was more like a drop to us I took the next shot. I was of a light complexion and had sun burns all over my back and I had just the perfect means – A sunscreen bottle flask of course. Who would suspect a thing? I mean with all my sunburns they would expect me to have a large bottle of sunscreen, so that was a yay! for me.

My barnoculars were not left behind; they were just filled with alcohol. Clearly, anyone on a cruise would like to view distant lands, wildlife and horizons so that was also a go. So the sunscreen plan still puzzled me, what if the weather pattern changed to a cold rainy day? Everyone would be suspicious. So I carried an umbrella incase of any changes. Not just an empty one; the umbrella flask was also full of booze and the weight had noticeably increased.

Final step would be the adorable teddy bear and the best person for the job would be Marleen. With her cute, adorable, baby face-a characteristic of most stuffed animals lovers-no one would suspect a thing. We fit in about three cans in it and mended the teddy bear. On the day of the cruise, our plan just fell into place: Layla had an easy time convincing people that that was actually the size of her boobs since it made her looked appealing. Moreover everyone was blinded with the adorability of the teddy bear. In addition, the barnoculars were no source of suspicion. Wrapped around my neck, they looked like innocent cruising essentials. Little did they know how the weight of the booze in it was straining my neck. The sunscreen plan was also in place since the weather was very sunny and the temperatures high, but the umbrella part brought a lot of suspicion. To get us out of this mess, I approached a guard who was particularly suspicious and said, “with this kind of heat, only an umbrella can be of help”  Then I smiled, Funny enough, he changed his look as though he believed me, Phew! I could not believe we had manage to sneak booze to last us for five days and not get caught! Now we can just enjoy the cruise!!!

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